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Rochelle had a tremendous impact on our ladies in the region and I can’t thank her enough for her message and just her overall spirit. I’ve been snapping my fingers today saying


Kristi Crum: Verizon Wireless, 

President-South Central Region

Rochelle has an unassuming style that captured the audience attention and was able to share her life story and the benefits of a healthy life style and how it prepares for all aspects of life. 

“Make It Happen!”

Calvin Anderson: Sr. Vice President Government Relations Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

The evidence of Rochelle’s impact and motivation was not only seen in the overwhelming round of applause when she was finished talking and the number of employees commenting on how they appreciated having her in to speak to the team. 

“Ready, Set, Gold Lunch & Learn.”

Tim G. Smith Accredo, Senior Operations Manager

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Visit: Rochelle Stevens

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